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  3. STEAM NAME/ID: Cloof IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Glenn Greene List of Items Missing: 1 x Carbine 400 x ammo Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): n/a Time & Date the items disappeared:6/17/19 1700 EST How did the items get lost/disappear: Someone was in my trunk and I jumped in it to grab my items out before he did, had a carbine in my inventory and it turned to ammo. Any additional information that might help: N/A
  4. 100% agree with the doctor. Parole would be great too as long as it's done properly. I feel like as it is now it would be too easy to not check in with a parole officer and too hard to keep track of which people are on parole and where they are even though it would basically be the whole city on parole lol
  5. I suggest that we should add Doctors/Nurses to help the immersion of being hurt so people can be diagnosed and given proper medical attention, and stop people from just getting up and going on to continue with their crimes. I also suggest reducing the effect of having the receptionist when there is EMS on duty. Yes I do understand you get patched up by local doctors, but then you are up again and ready for crime. I think receptionist should be able to get you back up with low health and you must see an EMS to be fully treated. I do get EMS aren't doctors, but they already spend time at the bedside when treating people and giving them diagnoses, but that being said this is why we should have doctor dedicated at pillbox to treat people. EMS should do basic needs on scene and transport to pillbox and get them to the doctors. This way when there are multiple calls they can drop them off and pick up another call rather then tend to someone at the hospital and stop mid way to help someone else. I also suggest bringing in Parole officers or just add to the Officers job that recently convicted criminal that have left jail and are put on parole, to check in with cops when they are in the city or if they leave the city and go to paleto or sandy shore. They should have to let the parole officer know so they can keep track of them. This helps track convicts activity so people aren't so quick to just do crime.
  6. Nevermind, it's all back.
  7. STEAM NAME/ID: BioHyde IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Andrey Rumeantsev List of Items Missing: Dirty money, about 220k +, also a clip of shells, but that is not critical. Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): none Time & Date the items disappeared: 17 Jun 2019, right after the automatic server restart at 1AM (UTC-6 zone). How did the items get lost/disappear: The items were in the room storage when I checked about two hours before restart. In meanwhile, i've been to prison then the restart happened. After restart there was no money in room inventory. Any additional information that might help: I've rented a second apartment (hotel?) by mission row, used the inventory of the new room before the items disappeared. IDK if that has anything to do with it.
  8. Last week
  9. A few more places could be some homes in Sandy Shores and in Stab city, that is if we have appropriate interiors for trailers and such.
  10. A way to sling your rifle either on the front or back of your character? Better weapon sounds? I'm not sure if there is a decent mod that actually sounds good. More realistic recoil?
  11. It would be great if we could customize makeup at home, i.e. at the bathroom mirror. I don't even mind paying for it each time or having it locked to a preset that you save similar to clothing, but going to the barber every time is inconvenient. As an aside, I didn't see an option to change blush, not sure if that's intentional, but it hinders changing makeup looks a bit. Thanks for reading!! 💖
  12. Being able to be pick up criminals or people after a shootout at a specific location similar to NoPixel would be nice. Pay a fee and the person is revived. It would create more RP and make a way for criminals to make a clean getaway after winning a shoot out with the cops.
  13. Tuner chips would make criminals more likely to steal a local’s car and get in good chases with police. Being able to chop a civ car for better handling would make very good cop chases. Overall the experience would be better for RP.
  14. STEAM NAME/ID: ClintBlackwood IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Padrick Osuileabhain List of Items Missing: 21,814 Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): yes in attachment Time & Date the items disappeared: noticed 3:58pm 6/13/2019 How did the items get lost/disappear: Lost via inventory Any additional information that might help: got the money 6/12/2019 aditional $20k in clean money came from selling 1 USB decrypter
  15. Alternatively have a yellow pages channel for people to advertise in that is IC maybe
  16. •Bug Name: Lost Inventory when Switching Characters. • Description of bug: It seems like the past couple of times I have lost inventory, it has been when I switch my characters. Last time I lost 250 k dirty money from my inventory after switching to my EMS char and switch back. Today, I lost 200 Cocaine from my inventory as well as $3,000 in Dirty Money. • Add any pictures or links to videos or proof: I forgot to take a screen shot of inventory last night 😞
  17. I think it would be nice to have a channel on Discord for selling and buying cars. You can set it up like a newspaper ad and then people can contact each other in game.
  18. Being able to grow weed would be awesome when custom housing is available. Letting everyone grow and make money off a simple drug would just give more for others to do. I like the current idea of keeping drugs hidden, but you would have to RP and find the correct way to grow weed. I'm sure that would need the implementation of plastic and seeds and stuff but overall would be great. This could also give cops a reason to raid people if they learn and have probable cause to search a house through a warrant. overall lots could come from this idea for everyone.
  19. •Bug Name: Purchased Property in Zip Code 644 for $50k. Can't access it. • Description of bug: Purchased the apartment in zip code 644 for $50k. Was able to enter it fine, but upon exiting and then taking a nap, I can't access it from logging back in. Tried to sell it, said I didn't own it. It took $50k from my cash balance and it's stayed deducted. • Add any pictures or links to videos or proof: N/A Looking to either get the property back or the $50k back - whichever is easier. Thanks in advance. Bonfiggy - Tony Bonfiglio
  20. I'd love to see more houses and properties in neighborhoods such as Grove street, Jamestown, Mirror Park and more locations. People could move in and give different locations to hang out rather than at Legion.
  21. Some of us was talking about this today. Would be a great addition to add
  22. Found this while browsing FiveM forums: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-radargun-v1-0/179682 Seems like a great directional radar gun. Could possibly be useful for an MBU unit that wants to be more realistic.
  23. Currently the cop tackle looks very forced as the animation cuts very oddly. Would like (if possible) to see a smoother ragdolling option for the cop.
  24. Love the idea of live rock music in game. Sadly I only use Spotify so I can’t be of assistance!
  25. I would like to propose a Town Hall meeting for everyone on the server possible 1 or 2 times a month pref on the weekends or when most people can join up. This would set up a forum where we know what is going on, or handle any grievances/Concerns anyone would have or just a potluck of what everyone is doing. Also, during these Town Halls someone could write up agenda list of what was talked about in case anyone missed it or someone would tape it.
  26. The Family is open to this idea :)
  27. I feel like having drug lords is a great workaround to having hidden spots, but what if gangs/organizations held control of the the higher tier drugs instead? For example: a motorcycle gang in control of meth, and a mob-type group in charge of cocaine? RP wise this would make sense as gangs have low quality drugs and mobs have high quality, but in order for this to happen we obviously need to have a mob, which is currently not a group in the server. Having the drugs come out this way would increase drug wars and cause actual gang conflict due to the price differences in the drug. It would be very interesting to see an MC gang vs. a high profile mafia. For weed, I’d honestly say since it’s California, that the weed was a public drug that everyone could see as a location, perhaps as even a job. Weed is legal for recreational use, but if someone was found toting a distribution-level of it, they would be treated like a criminal drug dealer. This way, people who want to get into the drug world can do so at an entry level drug like they normally could IRL.
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