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    I would like to propose a Town Hall meeting for everyone on the server possible 1 or 2 times a month pref on the weekends or when most people can join up. This would set up a forum where we know what is going on, or handle any grievances/Concerns anyone would have or just a potluck of what everyone is doing. Also, during these Town Halls someone could write up agenda list of what was talked about in case anyone missed it or someone would tape it.
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    A command similar to /dice but instead it's /coin and has 50%-50% chance for heads or tails. Not important or necessary just a cool little thing to have if it's easy to code.
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    Bikes shouldn’t be allowed inside banks for robberies. It’s no fun at all. I’ve tried it my self and it’s so easy to get away that I get bored. It’s not realistic at all. They can be held outside in front of the bank which is fine in my opinion. But also, switch it up! Use cars for more excitement and adrenaline lol. Don’t always think of winning, it literally ruins the RP. Get in a car chase or make up different strategies. Hide the bike somewhere else and run to it. This adds more excitement to the robbery as it involves more planning.
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    Bikes should not be allowed in buildings during robberies because its not realistic at all and makes the crimes have an easy shot of just running out the bank without interacting with the cops which ruins RP for them. I feel like they should not be allowed as people shouldn't be doing such a meta strat just for money instead of RP especially when the meta strat is not realistic at all. The Solution should just be if they are seen you warn the person then on the next one you do something about it.
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    I suggest that we should add Doctors/Nurses to help the immersion of being hurt so people can be diagnosed and given proper medical attention, and stop people from just getting up and going on to continue with their crimes. I also suggest reducing the effect of having the receptionist when there is EMS on duty. Yes I do understand you get patched up by local doctors, but then you are up again and ready for crime. I think receptionist should be able to get you back up with low health and you must see an EMS to be fully treated. I do get EMS aren't doctors, but they already spend time at the bedside when treating people and giving them diagnoses, but that being said this is why we should have doctor dedicated at pillbox to treat people. EMS should do basic needs on scene and transport to pillbox and get them to the doctors. This way when there are multiple calls they can drop them off and pick up another call rather then tend to someone at the hospital and stop mid way to help someone else. I also suggest bringing in Parole officers or just add to the Officers job that recently convicted criminal that have left jail and are put on parole, to check in with cops when they are in the city or if they leave the city and go to paleto or sandy shore. They should have to let the parole officer know so they can keep track of them. This helps track convicts activity so people aren't so quick to just do crime.
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    Found this while browsing FiveM forums: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-radargun-v1-0/179682 Seems like a great directional radar gun. Could possibly be useful for an MBU unit that wants to be more realistic.
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    ^^^ These guys got sick of waiting for the heists to come out that they made their own up... and did like 15 of them? Terrible execution, idiocy but hella creative and hugely entertaining. So much potential if people start getting creative with the robberies
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    Realistically motorcycles wouldn't be inside of banks during robberies, they would be in the vicinity around the bank, or even outside the front door. Most bank robberies are people walking in, holding guns at people to gain hostages. It is not just "Let's grab a hostage from outwith the bank and take them to the bank so we always have a hostage to get away from the bank." I don't believe they should be allowed as it's not something that happens within everyday life. I see these robberies at least 3-4 times a day.
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    No one would be able to ride a bike into a store without immediately having the police phoned. Its unrealistic and is focused more on winning than rping
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    NPC characters are well fleshed out and require no editing to become usable, and are already in the game files. Is there anyway we can use the NPC models? I'm not a huge stickler on customization so this would work well for me and others.
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    100% agree with the doctor. Parole would be great too as long as it's done properly. I feel like as it is now it would be too easy to not check in with a parole officer and too hard to keep track of which people are on parole and where they are even though it would basically be the whole city on parole lol
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    I think it would be nice to have a channel on Discord for selling and buying cars. You can set it up like a newspaper ad and then people can contact each other in game.
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    I would like to suggest in BBRP 3.0 an apt or somewhere to change clothes located at the clubhouse for its members. This would make hanging out at the MC more beneficial to its members and the people who would do business with them in the future.
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    To be fair they start the robbery as soon as they're inside, it's not like police doesn't get notified. How else would a criminal run out of the bank and into a vehicle? hostage situation excluded. A bike will easily fit into most doors where a mobility scooter can go, and that's pretty much any bank or store these days.
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    Getting shot while walking out of the bank does not add to excitement. Also, why the hostage has to be another player? Can't the civilians act like hostages even if they run out? As someone already mentioned, bringing your own hostage to a robbery is really fucked up.
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