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  4. STEAM NAME/ID: peteomega IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Max stanapoulos List of Items Missing: AR , 3 clips, 2 combat pistols Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Unfortunately not. Time & Date the items disappeared: 11/14/2019 was the last time I checked and everything was in the glovebox How did the items get lost/disappear: No idea. The tow truck was never taken out again after i put my weapons in. Any additional information that might help: I wish I had taken a screenshot like I do with my housing inventory but I do have a few in game friends who were with me when I made the deposits into the tow truck.
  5. The top scrolling link to apply for ems ("ems hiring") isnt working. It sends to a page 404. Just letting you know.
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  7. yea i have no problems connecting to other servers i play on
  8. This happens sometimes if you take too long to load into the server, it can be because of your internet connection or your computer hardware sometimes. Have you managed to connect successfully in other instances or does the problem still persist?
  9. Merr_Khan

    Apartment Bug

    On character slot 2 - Merr Khan Have logged in and out, many times, gone back to managers officer, say's "you own a room". I can not see the white arrow, and no room has the enter button My other character on slot 1, has one, even though I never bought one with that character.
  10. David_Cline_

    FiveM Crash

    I just got loaded into the server and then I got this messaged and fiveM crashed how can I fix this problem
  11. Bug Name: lost my apartment after get stuck in a all and relog Description of bug: lost my apartment after get stuck in wall inside, try to relog now i can hear inside any other apartments. Add any pictures or links to videos or proof: http://prntscr.com/pw6zo1 literally can see other peoples ids inside my apartment now.
  12. Bug Name: failed to load character selection Description of bug: After deleting a character slot, it got stuck Add any pictures or links to videos or proof:
  13. We're checking it up, will dm you on discord possibly later today if it's resolved!
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  15. STEAM NAME/ID: QBas1c IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Carlito Santos List of Items Missing: 10 pistols (with 2 extra clips each), 10 knifes, 10 tasers Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): None Time & Date the items disappeared: 11/10/2019 06:26 CST How did the items get lost/disappear: no idea, they were in the van this morning - i even re-checked after the restart, then when I pulled it back out several hours later - Van is empty. Any additional information that might help: Nothing that could help, no idea what happen - however, if its easier - I'll just take the cash I spent on all the stuff: $63,300
  16. Please use the following template or your request might get denied. STEAM NAME/ID: IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: List of Items Missing: Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Time & Date the items disappeared: How did the items get lost/disappear: Any additional information that might help:
  17. Bug Name: Description of bug: Add any pictures or links to videos or proof:
  18. It is late on night and you are using your computer. You are scrolling through your usual feed on Lifeinvader. All of a sudden you see this article written in 2009 by Clark Tent for his column "Who Is Who?" which occurred weekly: You remember the newspaper cover from when you were at the gas station. You pause for a moment as you let paranoia sink in and wonder what level of surveillance Lifeinvader has to know that you saw that newspaper cover or if it was just maybe some strange random coincidence. Maybe some rogue Lifeinvader content generating algorithm decided to randomly promote this old article. You shrug it off as a coincidence as your cognitive dissonance shuts off the other possibilities.
  19. RIP Ivan! You were a good friend and we always shared a good time with our paths crossed. -Jaryd
  20. RIP Ivan. Tony will miss the stories from mother Russia, and the frequent shots of vodka that were shared together.
  21. Ivan was a cheerful man, a caring man, a true hero of our times fallen victim to cruel circumstances. Born in the Soviet Union in 1980, he grew up in a family of proletarians. His mom, a school teacher and his dad a bus driver. Being beaten often to score good grades, he learned to do well in school, mostly by cheating on exams. The example of his hard working father (died age 35 from heart attack on the job leading to a crash and 2 fatalities) thought Ivan that hard work can murder even the strongest man. So Ivan strives to become an Engineer (because everyone knows that Engineers hardly ever work and get paid a lot). By a strike of luck, when the USSR was downed and all the brightest minds of the Soviet space program were welcomed by the capitalists around the world, Ivan was hired fresh of University as an assistant Engineer at the Cosmoport Baikonur (Космодром Байконур). He spent many years as an unproductive crew member, mainly contributing with stupid jokes and being readily available to raid the nearest town for another box of Stolichnaya Vodka. In a black day for the Russian space program an accidental start of a rocket's engine while the main engineers were working on it. The Russian space program was once again set back loosing their best men. Ivan swore the accident wasn't his fault, and the FSB (former KGB) crew sent to investigate, led by Ivan's cousin Andrey Rumeantsev later confirmed that Ivan spoke the truth. Afterwards, Ivan was promoted and given the task to develop a new and more efficient rocket engine for far distance space travel. Unfortunately, all his efforts were in vain as three tests of the new engine failed, the latest being a huge disaster when the rocket fell on a nearby village killing half the population. Beset by grief, Ivan drank himself into stupor consuming at least 7 liters of Vodka each hour, mixed with rocket fuel in a special recipe he came up with himself. Only a visit from his cousin Andrey (and a health restoring beating) pulled Ivan back into the world of the living. Later he was heard telling stories about how he was a part of an secret operation launching rockets to destroy Korean terrorists that were planing to nuke the free world. He probably believed it, since most of the killed Kazakh souls were Asian looking and he often had trouble telling them apart. The bad luck did not end there. The Kazakh government banned any further testing or launching of Russian rockets on the Baikonur Cosmoport, and when most of the personnel were moved to work at Cosmoport Vostochniy, Ivan was given the pink slip with a lay off cheque just about enough for a ticket to Los Santos. Being strong of will and character, Ivan did not give up on his dream of becoming rich by doing nothing. He welcomed the chance to start over and first thing he did after landing was sending resumes to NASA and SPACEX. To get by in meanwhile, Ivan slaughtered chickens, mined and drove a taxi. In the new town he made a few new friends. A mechanic named J who came to aid him when he crashed the company truck, introduced Ivan to Tony Bonfiglio who claimed to be a "family"s boss and offered some good paying job in perspective. While Ivan was no criminal and always did only good things (his coworkers and the people surviving the Rocket accident in Kazakhstan will confirm), Ivan also had a saying he learned from his cousin Andrey: "Every whore has his price". Unfortunately the story of Ivan was interrupted shortly thereafter. Another hard week working for Chukin Bell has seen Ivan once again fell victim to Alcoholism. he spent a big chunk of his paycheck buying about 300 bottles of Vodka and started his shift as a Taxi driver. The events of that fateful night shall forever remain a mystery (unless other Characters could relay details about their encounters that evening), From the abrupt and drunken blabbering to his cousin Andrey (who he called just before his death), we know that Ivan was poisoned with water by the paramedics at Pillbox Hospital, then tazed by a mall security officer calling himself a cop. Afterwards Ivan drove for work and stopped his badly damaged car (who the mall security kicked to boot) to follow a pair of pink alligators crossing the bridge by the hospital. Here he meet his new best friend, nameless J (whose's name Ivan never caught in full) and Don Tony who invited him to go offroading. Five bottles of vodka later, Ivan has meet Jesus by the hospital, witnessing many miracles, especially impressive was the trick where the aforementioned God lookalike sneaked 10 bottles of vine into Ivan's pockets, most of which he drank right away washing it down with more Vodka. The tragic end happened after "Jesus" took Ivan and a few more citizens on a ride through clouds in a white 1980 Mercedes e300 limousine on a monster truck base (Ivan was swearing on his mother's grave this part was true). After more vodka and a short altercation with a crowd of believers, Jesus threw a snowball into Ivan's groin badly injuring his testicles, leaving him on the brink of death. Moreover, when Ivan asked for help a local paramedic, he was told to keep away for the vehicle behind which Ivan was hiding from the God. After Ivan relayed his story in short form to the paramedic, oddly enough he confirmed that Jesus indeed was around as well as both pink alligators were snaking between the buildings. Being fully convinced that this was a dream, Ivan took a leap of faith of the Pillbox's Hospital stairs landing on his head. Loosing blood rapidly, he sent distress messages, twice, and even messaged the paramedic team on his phone to call for aid, but the wicked medics let him die. Laying in a pool of his own vodka smelling blood, Ivan called his cousin Andrey, relaying him the story above (parts of it word by word, so forgive Ivan his bad command of the English language). With his last breaths Ivan made Andrey swear bloody revenge on the paramedics whose nonprofessional behavior led to his death. Rest in peace Ivan. ___ Andrey Rumeantsev. Former KGB operative, gangster, currently well respected businessman and a member of Russian Government. Last seen boarding a plain in Sheremetevo Airport, Moscow.
  22. Hey welcome! Hope you get whitelisted.
  23. Hello everyone. While i wait for my app to get approved i wanted to say hello. Im new to RP and have a few friends who are into it. I heard this was an awesome server to try out.
  24. You approach the gas station counter and await for the person in front of you to be done. You look to the side of the register and see a magazine rack. You squint at one of the magazine covers: ((Stay tuned.))
  25. Whenever someone new to the city/RP scene joins, they send me an email(DM) prior to arrival and I'll be at the airport waiting to take them to all of the necessary places before they venture off on their own. It will come with complementary food/drink as well as an extended how-to tutorial if they're super new. Places would include: Food Mart (for phone/food/etc), Job center, DMV, Car Dealership, and Apartment location of their choice before dropping them off where ever they want to go.Â
  26. After we switched servers we have a little backlog, we are going threw applications asap. You will be notified if you are denied or approved.
  27. Hello! I applied about 2 weeks ago and I put the wrong Hex ID. I fixed it and attempted a new application, but I do not see them under activity I created. Was my application removed by admin? Whats going on here? Thanks, James
  28. A big thank you from the bottom of Musashi heart to everyone that supported Musashi. A new era is upon us, and Musashi is ready to lead us into the fold. #MayorMusashi
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