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  3. Benson...the big refrigerated drop down ramp truck spawns broken everytime.
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  5. Bug Name: No alerts for police  Description of bug: When robbing convinience store with a tazer 3 times it did not alert the police, not sure why but I waited around for the police and then was told they never got alerts Add any pictures or links to videos or proof:
  6. STEAM NAME/ID: Sneakyry IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Wang Chong List of Items Missing: 10 Joints, Heavy Pistol, 24 Meth chemicals, 120-125 meth, 4 clips, Tuner laptop, Switchblade, and 6 Rolex Watches Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): N/A Time & Date the items disappeared: I had the items before I logged off on 2/10/2020 and I logged back on 2/12/2020 How did the items get lost/disappear: Left items in my stash car which is my Regina and poofed Any additional information that might help: It's happened to me twice now seems to happen when I take my car in and out of PDM garage
  7. STEAM NAME/ID: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198843119812/ IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Dax Bloo Police carbine around 9:00 pm Jan 30? I put the gun in my truck and put my car away. when i took out my car and looked in the truck it was gone
  8. Dawn McLean Freelove, Born November 27, 2000 (11/27/2000) to a Shawn McLean Freelove (Father) and Miranda Swinson "Davidson" Freelove. Early Childhood: Growing up with a rich family, Dawn grew up with a dad that taught her all sorts of crazy things. These things ranging from Driving, Riding, Shooting, Adventuring, and so much more. By the age of 10 Dawn knew how to drive better than most 20 year olds and Ride better than those who have been riding for a year while also starting to learn how to stunt on a motorcycle. Teenage years: After having been through a rough family breakup Dawn started to stick to herself and keep at it with Driving and Riding. At 15 years old she was finally accepted into the RedGull Racing program to become a racer. Dropping out of school and working hard on the track she became one of the youngest racers to compete professionally at the age of 16. With such a feat done by such a young driver she was basically given track days left and right where she started to learn how to drift and do stunts with a car. Still on her own she finds herself moving to the same city that her dad just moved to, still in a rocky relationship with him, she does her best to work out the differences from their past and move on. Family Life: At the age of 11 her parents went through a horrible divorce that split the family and due to legal troubles Dawn ended up just residing by herself just doing what her dad taught her when she was younger. After the divorce Shawn took Dawn in but still didnt talk to Dawn that much due to the past that came up for Dawn and after that Miranda was left out as she wanted no part in Shawn and what he was teaching Dawn. Shawn and Dawn moved to a new city just after Dawn turned 19 years old where they started working their differences out, only for VERY little progress to be made. RedGull Career: Joining the team at the young age of 15, Dawn went hard into training and came out one of the best trained. She competed in 4 races at the age of 16, placing 6th, 4th, 1st, and 2nd in the races. Getting the Rookie of the Year award at the age of 16 and going on to win a total of 10 races throughout her 3 1/2 year career so far. Riding Career: Starting to ride at the age of 6 Dawn became a big fan of motorcycles, especially the Kawasaki Ninjas. Getting a dirt bike to ride around the trails out back of her dads house at a young age with either a Manchez or a Sanchez, Dawn starting getting into dirt bike racing. Although not to go as far as her driving career she did do some races when she was 9-10 years old until her parents ended up getting a divorce. At the age of 16 Dawn got into riding on the streets with her Manchez and later with race winnings she would go on to buy herself her first street motorycle, The Double T. Dawn would frequent the monthly cars and coffee that was in her home town usually taking her bike with her where she would mainly look at cars and frequent the stunting lots. Enjoying what people were doing she decided to start small and take her manchez to one of these events and talk with some of the people who went on to teach her how to stunt her motorcycle. With years of practice she became one of the top tier stunters in the stunter communities. Life Now: Still pursuing a career in racing and stunting, Dawn frequents gun ranges to keep her shooting skills up to par with others as well as taking her bike for a spin around town where she traverses different buildings looking for cool adventures.
  9. STEAM NAME/ID: Moboking IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Elijiah Parks List of Items Missing: 21 Diamonds, 15 Rolex Watches, 2 Cocaine, 15 Clips, 28 Rolling Papers, 18 Lockpicks, 15 Cigarettes Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Time & Date the items disappeared: 1/27/2020 at around 4pm est How did the items get lost/disappear: Put them in the inventory of my house of the cul-de-sac Any additional information that might help: The 21 diamonds is including the ones I threw in my inventory btw 🙂
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    You would have gotten a Discord DM, however you have not joined our Discord.
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    After re-reviewing your application, i can see there is no detail in any question asked.
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    Would love to know why my application got denied.
  13. Chester was born to a very famous Doctor and his wife who died during childbirth. Growing up, Chester was very lonely so imagined friends to play with as his father and he were always traveling. But one night one of his friends told him to do something very awful and so Chester grabbed a scalpel from his father's bag and cut his own throat at the age of 9. His father walked in to find him moments later and rushed him into surgery. He was able to save Chester but his voice was forever altered in a way that he sounded like he sucked into too much helium. Psychiatrist after psychiatrist spoke to Chester through his growing up years and diagnosed him as being schizophrenic and with delusions on reality. One night Chester woke up and walked into the hospital in his city, behind the desk, and into the changing room, where he put on a drs uniform. That night he became Dr. Helium. There are many moments when Chester is overtaken by the identity of Dr. Chester who lives in a delusion of trying to save people when they really do not need saving. and endangers their lives unknown to Chester who really just wants to be accepted and loved.
  14. I think down the road towing should be added. I applied Towing as a business and it got denied because they think it's to much like a mechanic. It shouldn't be that way at all. Way it works now a mechanic drives to you and fixes your totaled car for you on the side of the road. Blown tires, busted body, engine not running. Yeah it's convenient but come in it's far from realistic. Towing should be there so the totaled car can be towed to a mechanic to be fixed. It one might give people more incentive to drive like normal RP servers and not like GTA 5 online rooms (as we see here daily) it will also add more RP and realism. Down the road hopefully will have car payments which should theoretically bring ability for repos, again adds more RP.
  15. Thanks Eddy, i appreciate it! Id be happy if the dirt was removed from car lol. Everyone complains about this cars dirt. Should be shinny 24/7 anyway haha
  16. Unfortunately for now the only way around this, dev-wise, is to remove dirt mechanic completely from the car I believe. I ll forward it to Rio and see what we can do about it.
  17. Is it possible to slow the dirt down so cars dont get dirty a block from car wash? I bought the camaro for 550K and i cant go a block from car wash and its dirty again, kinda sucks owning a beautiful car but cant keep it clean.
  18. I think the way its ported, the controlled buttons are just substituted for keys. I have a wheel for racing games and it detects one of the flappy paddles for changing gears as the X key.
  19. This is one I wrote for an old city. I'll likely write up an updated one in the future as the other person involved in it, isn't here and I no longer reside in that city. Elizabeth “Pinky” Ames Born Sunday March 4th, 1984 to Mary and Jonathan Ames. "Pinky" grew up in a rocky home life. Watching her parents fight nightly due to her father's love of alcohol. The only solace she found was in her dancing, dirt biking and in high school, meeting the love of her life Richard Crannium. Richie helped her cope and forget about things going on at home and often removed her from the situation when things got too bad. They were inseparable to the point that Pinky planned to attend Florida State with him so that they'd not have to be miles apart. Until tragedy struck Richie and she was unable to help him out of the downward spiral he was heading down. Fearing it would take her down the same path as her parents, she walked away and attended another college in Iowa. Wanting to reinvent herself in a new place, she dyed her hair bright pink and set her own path to success. Through college the obvious nickname of Pinky was given to her and it stuck. Eventually she moved back to Los Santos and accepted a job with the DMV and welcoming new citizens into the city. Always the level headed one, she became very good friends with the Sheriff's department and troopers. Even leaving flowers for the officers almost daily. Not long after she opened The Pink Palace, a well known bar in Paleto. She reconnected with Richie again at a car auction in Paleto, but she kept herself closed off to him at first. Everything in their lives seemed to be pulling them back together as the driver for Pinky’s also began to work for Richard at his bank. It wasn't until she saw the changes Richie was making to be with her that she let the love that she had for him all those years ago come back to the surface again. To be continued...
  20. Suppose I should get around to this while I'm browsing the forums. Hello Everyone! Most people call me Pinky based on my characters nickname. I followed a couple friends over here and have slowly been settling into the city. I've been whitelisted for a week now and while I haven't spent a ton of time in the city, I have enjoyed the time that I have. Hope to meet you all in the city soon!
  21. Is it possible to make it so controller muscles dont conflict with other stuff. IE driving while talking (N) and using my trigger for gas it shuts my car off. Maybe make it so controller only works for gas breaks and ebrake?
  22. ^ 100% agree with this. As for public access to lower lvl drugs, I like the idea and as of right now this is how we made weed work. It can be homegrown and accessible to anyone to make their own business or sell it but I feel the higher-end drugs should be harder to obtain to make it more realistic. Regardless of what kind of criminal you are, you wouldn't have access to a lab and ingredients irl that easily as it is right now in-game as Remy very well stated and personally, I honestly see too many people that have no relation in their backstory to be involved with drugs but it's their daily thing to do, which is fine I get it when there's "limited" things a crim can do to earn money. A solution to this would be to try and find/add more petty crime in general but that's a discussion/suggestion for another day. In my opinion we should give a try to the kingpin system and the RP around it, just until 4.0 update on the server and see how it works and how you guys feel about it.
  23. My opinions are based on having experienced a totally different drug system in my last city, and now having experienced what BBRP has to offer as far as the "drug world". I feel like there are a lot of people, particularly people from my past city, who want to be actively engaged in drug making, drug selling - they want access to the drug making locations to be able to process their own product rather than waiting on a handful of "dealers" to sell them pre-made product. However, with that being said, no one IRL has easy access to a coke or meth lab, it's not realistic and not (imo) what should be accessible in an RP server where gang life is so central to the city. I like the idea of each drug making location being whitelisted to a handful of people, who sell their product to their selected dealers, who can then sell that product to whoever wants to sell. Ie. how drug chains are done IRL. HOWEVER...with that being said...would it be possible to open up maybe SOMETHING for average citizens to use to make other types of drugs? I mean, home grown labs and grow ops exist IRL, you see it everyday. Maybe the whitelisted drug makers/Kingpins can be in charge of coke/meth/heroin, but there can be a location (ie. Stab City trailer park) where people can go to make lower-quality drugs that sell for far far less than the premium product being made at the official labs. For example, in my last city, there were two levels of cocaine: pure cocaine and crack cocaine. Crack sold for a fraction of what pure coke sold for. Same with the weed....there was a higher quality product and a lower quality product. Maybe the happy medium is allowing anyone to access a lab where they can make lower end/home made product that sells for considerably less, which would allow those who want to be in 100% control of their own "druglord" story to be able to create and sell their own product. And for those who enjoy the chain of command with premium product, they can go the standard route of obtaining pre-made drugs from the Kingpins and their associates, which would garner them a higher payout. That way, everyone kind of gets to dip their toes in the drug life, but the systems put in place currently wouldn't be as adversely affected since not everyone would want to sell crap product for less, or saddle themselves with the risk of being caught cooking. Hope all that made sense. I've had a hell of a stupid day and my brain is frazzled lol. Glad to see so many people chiming in with their thoughts, this is the kind of thing that I love about this community - everyone gets a voice 🙂
  24. The topic of drugs is tricky for both staff in the community because of the many checks and balances and pros and cons to each and every system. Right now in my PERSONAL opinion I believe the kingpin system can be the most reliable system with the least development necessary to keep Drugs regulated and still create RP opportunities and Northside slowburn RP that everyone wishes to be a part of. I have stated this before and will state it again. I personally love the difference of both north and southside RP because of the "economical" difference and overall connection difference. My proposed system for kingpin is that "preferably" the staff team will take the initial control of the drug and the characters that are kingpins owning it. These characters must be neutral parties that are not gang affiliated or criminals (Even though in my opinion as long as you dont get into gang drama and just do jobs and everything you do is against the police or for money making purposes its okay.) These kingpins do NOT have to be main characters and can be side characters that are simply there to create the intense RP scene of a real drug deal (The tension,the guns, the quiet) which in my opinion can be easily done by the Staff team and if need be the staff can ask any member they feel like in the community to pitch in for their character. Favoritism should not be a thing for staff team but we will obviously prefer members that are WILLING to listen to orders to help out the scene. These kingpins would be preferably 2 of them and 1 would control meth and the other Cocaine. These 2 characters would obviously have to be pretty fledged out characters and found out by preferably northside crews like The Family,808, or TheLostMC (Just to state the only ones I know of) And then these northside crews would then sell to random people they trust or to southside crews like GSF or the Vagos. This system creates a chain reaction and quite the distinction between money difference and power of the crews. Weed would be fought over by anyone in the southside while the northside must play it smart and diplomatically find a way to find the kingpin which leads to many different RP scenarios. The staff team would then regulate the market through spectating or community feedback on how much cocainemeth should be pushed and keeping an eye on the people who are selling it. This would require both alot of IC and OOC work to create scenes for other people to open RP scenarios for them which most staff are willing to take a support role for. This is my overall opinion for how drugs should be handled for now and the way that weed is in the southside is perfect as weed is more abundant than coke or meth like IRL.
  25. In regards to Merr_khans post. Alot of what you have described would take development work that cannot be worked on currently. Shutting down a drug for 7-15 days would just hinder business Rp in general and would create confusion among gang leaders when trying to track product down again. Talking about the OOC stuff i run most of the cocaine in they city and not a single person has ever sent me a message out of game trying to buy drugs friends or not. When it comes to selling to people that i don't consider my friends i have already established 2 connections in the city acting as middle men to push coke to those i cant reach. In my opinion those who should control and maintain the drugs should be some of the most trusted member of the city and already be established with their stories. I or any gang leader pushing drugs should never be the only connection to buy that drug in the city. However i do agree, i could be able to help maintain the economy much better if i had locks or a way to keep outsiders away from the product i make, as people simply need to sleep.
  26. Well to begin, Thank you for opening discussions for this. It is most appreciated. I don't think drugs can work under this proposed kingpin system. Because drugs are something i call an illegal job, It's something you do as a criminal when your not out doing a heist, a political move, or any of that sort of action RP. I don't think it would be done with the best RP intention to move drugs to a kingpin system because people can't just mindlessly do it on the side with such a system. A kingpin system would be a way to halt the economy for sure as stated above, But i don't think that should count because if someone's RP is being that wolf of wall street, That is their RP and i don't think its wise or fair to tell people whether they can RP that or not. This is a key thing to remember when creating systems is to be able to incorporate all angles of RP as broadly as you can without limiting others. So, If someone wants to create a drug empire like Elo has, He can, But if others want to create there own network, They also freely have the power to do so. I feel a kingpin system would hinder such a process since they have to go OOC and talk with the "gods" to become a kingpin(Which honestly is immersion breaking and annoying ngl, and i do hope we can work towards cutting this kind of thing off as people settle), The criminals illegal job activity is now gone because it only takes a few hours at most to offload a bunch of product, And then your stuck roleplaying standing simulator at pink cage. And please god no, For those that are from the foreign old city, We don't need to rebuild 2/6 here. Please guys.... Now, What proposition would i have in mind as an alternative to the current system that doesn't: flood the market with drugs (Tho this'l happen anyways since everyone loves trying everything. ) Doesn't remove existing roleplay Introduces more RP for all & Ways to roleplay for not only criminals but police AND legal civilians aswell I propose a couple things: Since production facilities are currently still open to all, I suggest keep it this way, But change how the facilities are used, Monitored, And what is required to use them. This'l be a big "code" requirement but i feel well worth investing into. Expand the production cycle, Production facilities change from solo work to group work. Aswell as materials are required to operate them, Such as lightbulbs and fertilizer if your growing weed for example. Next up you would need to slow down the production of drugs. Because the point of expanding production, Ensure your RP continues for more than 5 to 20 minutes doing the job, Ensure that there is enough "work" involved to maintain interaction with the job and realism, And then enough time to justify the work done/payout AND enough time for if someone wanted to RP a dispute or interaction such as mugging/stealing/taxing of your product, There is enough time and mechanics available to do so. And if so, A police raid. Next item i propose is to work similarly to the kingpin system but in a much broader spectrum. You introduce a port authority that requires a business permit to use/get access to. This port authority will control ALL city imports, Legal to illegal(use). Police will have records of everything coming in and anything that is suspicious could be investigated. Now how is this different than a kingpin system? The port authority with its public(police) ledger of who is buying what will let the game mechanics take over what needs to go where, Whoever is in the business of drug production makes sense they can walk on down there and place the orders they need and then wait for it to arrive. And the key part is *anyone* who is big brained enough could take this up and become a competitor in the drug business. This also allows the staff to drop a responsibility of importing lets say a crate of lightbulbs or a crate of fertilizer etc and lets the "city" take control of it. Because that's an important bit to all of this is to let the city itself be autonomous from outside forces, So if staff become busy they don't have to worry about getting that import in, But also permits anyone who wants to be a businessman or women, Can become an importer and import goods to sell, To legal and illegal workers. Aswell as this opens a new avenue of RP where you could be a freelancer worker of wool and an actual business where you cut back time but can produce more if you have $$ and so on. But that's not important now/relevant. With that in place, A Port Authority to bring in items for jobs, A business permit which would be granted by a judge or bought, And last but not least the facilities alterations to be more interactive, The drug side of the city expands immensely. You now got a acquisition phase, A production phase and then a distribution phase, All of which could be interrupted with all sorts of RP spots to branch off from, ranging from having issues getting stock to getting mugged or being on someones turf selling. Just a lot of business and a lot of RP is available here, Or rather should be but isn't. ------ What is needed to make this happen: A script to open a store called the Port Authority(Temp name), That can only be accessed by those with a legal business operating license, That will also keep a public record that can only be accessed by PD to see who is buying a lot of fertilizer, Or light bulbs, Or "corn seeds"(Weed) etc. This port authority could also sell legal product in bulk such as wool or planks etc. Stuff used for jobs. Some form of business licenses, Actual, Business licenses for the port authority that allows imports. This would be a tricky one to implement. And finally the revamped production facilities. These wouldn't just be stand up to it and press E and wait, They would require work, Maybe not as heavily as mining but definitely some form of work such as replacing things to get the product to flow. ------ Why would this system be better than the current or proposed systems? Why not go to war with them and take over! Or make yourself a kingpin! Well gang wars suck. There fun for an evening but as they continue into a battle of attrition and honestly, I don't like dealing in battles of attrition. it gets scummy and shitlordy fast. You paint a car like mine, You dress like me and start mugging people, i start impersonating you, I start kidnapping people who are your friends or get people to kidnap your people and we push them out a helicopter over the ocean. Really it just becomes an awful environment that only toxicity thrives in and i would hope this isn't the kind of playstyle we're trying to encourage here. Then we gotta talk politics here because everyone will in time, know everyone. So in time with these bigger numbers you hit this disgusting point where over 1/2 or 3/4 the city is against you if you play your cards wrong. Or you played them right and have 3/4 the city with you in support. (Now this is talking in criminal aspects mind you). So it becomes overly excessive and sour. Really just it's poor quality roleplay that i personally have partaken in and it's fun for about 20 minutes and then you realise your just another body in a herd. Its cool tho for the first few incidents. We need to consider the roleplay value here. How much worth is this system right now? How good is it vs a public system? Is it worth forcing/injecting your RP business into other peoples story lines? Or is it better to just let people roleplay as they see fit? If someone doesn't feel safe producing it, They'l find a producer, If someone doesn't feel safe selling it, they'l produce it for cheap. Point is, Making people follow in a kind of roleplay isn't always the best form of roleplay, Not everybody enjoys scripted RP. I myself, Enjoy freelance, It's why i got in with most groups, It was fun, Random things happened and i met some pretty kickass people. But at the end of the day i was still driving my story where i wanted it to in every aspect. People who rejected my story obviously didn't get in it nor did i force my interaction upon them just to fulfill my characters objectives. If i want in someones drug business, If they offered it ill join it, But if in the event i don't want it, I should be fully capable of rejecting it and creating my own roleplay story of creating my own empire here without having to resort to an entire city overthrow of a product. Final Notes: Favoritism as Merr posted above hasn't even been addressed, Good point. Availability as someone on discord said, The city at the time right now is only 32 but even in a 64 slot sense, The city is growing somewhat still so to maintain coverage you have to find a good amount of sellers to be available across 3-4 time zones AND counted upon to basically be available to sell these drugs. In the meantime, Make drug processing x3 to x5 as long as it is right now as an intermediate bandaid for drugs. In the future, You could introduce a *premium* version of drugs that are produced by the respective gangs that sell for higher amounts than regular drugs do, Which could entice people to have the gangs to make there drugs and create more RP this way, But entirely locking the drugs away behind closed doors just seems like folly to me. Tho don't get distracted by hypotheticals like this one.
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