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  2. STEAM NAME/ID: BigSyn (Hex 11000010455ef31) IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Jaryd Lazar List of Items Missing: 684k Dirty, 144 Meth, 38 Cocaine, 196 Weed, 3x Carbines, 2x Taser, 2x Fire Extinguiser Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): I keep a very detailed spreadsheet of money, items https://imgur.com/a/N5GL6oB Time & Date the items disappeared: 8/18 -- 5:30 PM PST -- after several Tsunami's How did the items get lost/disappear: Both of my storage vans came up empty, they only come out when I need an item and go back in immediately. Any additional information that might help: Spoke to Eddy/Cass on Support already about this - nothing significant to report.
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  4. Know bug, you need to relog or if another played is near you ask them to move you near a trunk, entering a trunk or another player's inventory by robbing them gets you unstuck. It should be going away on 3.0
  5. •Bug Name: Invetnory stuck in eyes, cant remove. • Description of bug: When you open your inventory with f2, sometimes you can hit the f1 key, when that happens you can only escape the phone by pressing esc. Nothing ive found allows you to leave the inventory other than taking a nap • Add any pictures or links to videos or proof: Ill post in discord with a link to highlight of the stream.
  6. Please use the following template or your request might get denied. STEAM NAME/ID: HaZ IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Chris Egan List of Items Missing: Sawed off Shotgun, $83,135 dirty money and a USB Decrypter Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Yes see attached photo Time & Date the items disappeared: Around midnight 8/17/19 when I signed off I had the items. I just signed on now 09:50 PM and they are gone How did the items get lost/disappear: They were stored in my Mesa Trunk. When I got back into the city and got the Mesa from the garage the trunk was empty. Any additional information that might help: Looks like my items got wiped after the tsunamis.
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  8. STEAM NAME/ID: Juice4z0/1100001136C336E IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: James Talcar List of Items Missing: 300 Wool, 1000 wool Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): I have a screen shot from before the auto server restart. I do not from the f2 issue Time & Date the items disappeared: 8-17-19 this morning at auto server restart. Then again 8-17-19 about 5:20 pm How did the items get lost/disappear: The first lost was lost during server reset, I have the screen shot for that. I lost about 300 wool from that. I do not have a screenshot from the one from this afteroon. I had just got done getting 1000 wool and hit f1 and f2 and ended up having to relog and when i got back my work van had despawned, Any additional information that might help:
  9. Looks like the ems application link doesnt work that you go to when you click the apply for ems banner https://bbrp.ga/forum/index.php?/application/form/1-los-santos-ems/
  10. Yea it was the weirdest thing haha. I was like wtf you gotta see this Dave and we couldn't open my car. It was as if the game thought it was a local car and I didnt have the keys
  11. A local was in your vehicle when you pulled it out of the garage? LMAO this is a first 😂 As per procedure give it 48-72hours, sometimes the items return. If not, I ll contact you for reimbursement.
  12. Standby for 48-72hours, sometimes the items return. If not I ll contact you for reimbursing.
  13. STEAM NAME/ID: HaZ IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: Chris Egan List of Items Missing: $25000 Dirty money, 1 handcuff, 209 meth, 14 bags of coke, 8 lockpicks, 1 carbine rifle and 1 machine pistol. Please note I have a shotgun and more dirty money in the picture, however, i cleaned some of the money and took the shotgun out of the trunk after this picture and stored it in my apartment. Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Yes Picture see attached Time & Date the items disappeared: 8/16/2019 after server reset at 0300 How did the items get lost/disappear: They were being stored in my car, the Mesa. When I spawned the car to get something out of the trunk it spawned with a local inside and wouldn't let me get in the car. It then went to impound and it wouldn't let me get it out of impound. After the tsunami at 0300 the car reset back in my garage, however, all my items are missing. Any additional information that might help: David Wolfe was there with me when I spawned my vehicle and it had a local inside. This was around midnight on 8/16/19.
  14. STEAM NAME/ID:ChicagoMenace IN GAME CHARACTER NAME:Hector Gomez List of Items Missing:combat pistol 50k dirty cash Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Time & Date the items disappeared:8/15/2019 How did the items get lost/disappear: I had stored the pistol and dirty in my trunk and when i got on today the trunk was empty the truck was stored at the garage the whole time so i know no one took it Any additional information that might help:
  15. https://www.gta5-mods.com/misc/electronic-guitar
  16. Vande

    Invisible Mask

    •Bug Name: Invisible Mask • Description of bug: Player's face shows on LSPD's crime photos despite having a mask on. • Add any pictures or links to videos or proof: None sadly, would have to ask PD for my photo but I don't have photos of me with it on when the bug happened.
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  18. Hi @James McDougall, Few things here. Yes, the PD does only have preset outfits for reasons. I believe this was talked about on Discord somewhere and I forget what was said about it but something for cops to change clothing differently will probably not happen. You could try to get more outfits added if you have enough people wanting it. As for what you are wanting added is something only for LSPDFR and will not work on FiveM. What the server has currently is EUP and Element Club is being paid for and active on the server. For future reference for everyone is if it's a script on LSPDFR then it probably will not work on the FiveM server.
  19. As of now the police uniforms are a pre picked set of clothing. If you want to add variations if your clothing, you have to run to the clothing store, and not always will everything fit onto the uniform, or look good in that fact. With this addon, it gives officers the ability to save multiple outfits, customize outfits in PD, have different variations for each dept. Such as a winter, rain, bike patrol and other options. This addon would be a great addition to the police force and would more rich roleplay, where you are able to express your uniform and shape your officer. https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/13245-eup-menu/ **in the addon there is also a small list of required addons for it to work** *disclaimer. Im pretty sure this is for server side, i could be wrong. If not i have no clue because im not too tech savy when it comes to server addons and five m
  20. Disregard. Someone helped me fix it.
  21. For some reason in GTARP my mic is super quiet despite me turning the mic volume in game to max. In normal GTAV Online it works perfectly. It was working perfectly last night. Any ideas folks?
  22. My photoshopped image i made of a custom cardboard sign gave me the idea of asking to see if that would even be possible to do in game? It could be useful for characters wanting to advertise something in a popular area without being dusruptive, as well as it could even open the door for deaf characters who can communicate via handwritten signs
  23. Have a variety of backpacks from tactical backpacks to just regular backpacks such as a tac bag with wire cutters on it or a camo colored one.
  24. The News helicopter would be a great addition to BBRP, especially with our addition of the Weazel News website etc. They provide amazing news stories which cover all of San Andreas, not just the city. It gives the civilians a better coverage of whats going on around the city. Regarding the comment above, Air One should be above/behind the suspect the News helicopters tend to stay off to the side of pursuits and stuff to stay out of the way of the police. I personally would love to see this flying around in the city as it makes it more realistic and would feel more real but yeah, I love it.
  25. The second post helped with clarification, cause in the first post saying "cover cop/criminal chases more in-depth from the sky" just made me think how annoying it would be to be in Air1 with a news helicopter next to me while trying to focus on following a car.
  26. To add some background info onto this suggestion Weazel News does have an employee on staff who can pilot a helicopter and has for several months now. Our staff photographer Wade disclosed the experience in his background and on his resume when hired. For realism the news helicopter would only mobilize with a minimum of 2 news crew. 1 must be the trained pilot. The other must be a reporter or camera man. You can't fly and juggle a camera and film your self or a scene safely. This would be non negotiable. We would use it sparingly and only during situations which would realistically warrant a news helicopter in real life or to take aerial footage for stories. It would mobilize for a scene and then land and put away after it was finished. Any dangerous or criminal activity involving the news chopper would be dealt with by police following SOP and criminal charges handed out. Any employees found involved will face consequences for their job including but not limited to demotion, loss of privileges and access to even riding in copter, suspension without pay or even termination based on involvement based on the situation and criminal charges. Covering any active crime scenes would have to be done maintained at safe distance and outside police perimeter. Also this may need to be post poned for 3.0 due to the complications of white-listing logistics (to prevent abuse ) and the current heli rulings.
  27. Now that Weazel News is really picking up and we're getting into Filmed News Reports as well, I'd like to suggest adding a Weazel News helicopter to the server. It would be really beneficial to helping us compile our stories as well as cover cop/criminal chases more in-depth from the sky. I think it fits in with the realism we strive for as a server as well, since news helicopter aren't uncommon at all. If allowed I would of course have, Charlie, and/or anyone else interested working for the News take flight lessons from those in-game who are qualified to fly. I also found a mod that adds News skins to helicopters, if that helps at all. ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/news-chopper-skins-lore-friendly-glennoconnell#comments_tab ) Thanks for your time, Dad. =]
  28. We have very strict punishments for cheating and exploiting and people have been permanently removed from the server for doing so. The issue arises when we do not know who cheated, and no one will fess up, and the logs do not show who did it. When the server gets stuff taken away, only a responsible community can bring it back. Report stuff when you see it, and the quality will improve immensely.
  29. •Bug Name: Clipping of textures • Description of bug: If you use binoculars standing on top of some boxes / ventilation machinery / etc, putting the binoculars away will make you fall into the textures, potentially hiding the character from other players / chase. Works everytime on spots I've tested. • Add any pictures or links to videos or proof: Screens via DM to hide meta.
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