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    My opinions are based on having experienced a totally different drug system in my last city, and now having experienced what BBRP has to offer as far as the "drug world". I feel like there are a lot of people, particularly people from my past city, who want to be actively engaged in drug making, drug selling - they want access to the drug making locations to be able to process their own product rather than waiting on a handful of "dealers" to sell them pre-made product. However, with that being said, no one IRL has easy access to a coke or meth lab, it's not realistic and not (imo) what should be accessible in an RP server where gang life is so central to the city. I like the idea of each drug making location being whitelisted to a handful of people, who sell their product to their selected dealers, who can then sell that product to whoever wants to sell. Ie. how drug chains are done IRL. HOWEVER...with that being said...would it be possible to open up maybe SOMETHING for average citizens to use to make other types of drugs? I mean, home grown labs and grow ops exist IRL, you see it everyday. Maybe the whitelisted drug makers/Kingpins can be in charge of coke/meth/heroin, but there can be a location (ie. Stab City trailer park) where people can go to make lower-quality drugs that sell for far far less than the premium product being made at the official labs. For example, in my last city, there were two levels of cocaine: pure cocaine and crack cocaine. Crack sold for a fraction of what pure coke sold for. Same with the weed....there was a higher quality product and a lower quality product. Maybe the happy medium is allowing anyone to access a lab where they can make lower end/home made product that sells for considerably less, which would allow those who want to be in 100% control of their own "druglord" story to be able to create and sell their own product. And for those who enjoy the chain of command with premium product, they can go the standard route of obtaining pre-made drugs from the Kingpins and their associates, which would garner them a higher payout. That way, everyone kind of gets to dip their toes in the drug life, but the systems put in place currently wouldn't be as adversely affected since not everyone would want to sell crap product for less, or saddle themselves with the risk of being caught cooking. Hope all that made sense. I've had a hell of a stupid day and my brain is frazzled lol. Glad to see so many people chiming in with their thoughts, this is the kind of thing that I love about this community - everyone gets a voice 🙂
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    As most of you who attended the community meeting last Sunday you already know we want to work to make the drugs work in a better way than what they are right now. Reason being is that as of right now the drug spots have been easily given out/shared between people with 0 RP sense or trust between individual characters. The current system we have in place is 'gang-controlled' drugs. The way this system was supposed to work is that processing laboratories for each drug would be in a gang-controlled territory and said gangs would have to defend their territory in order to keep their labs safe, while they also make sure to keep the drug business running and making it available to other parties by selling it to them and establishing connections. For a lot of reasons and downsides that this system has we've decided to suggest the 'Kingpins' system idea. Best way to explain this at the moment I guess would be to think of it as a whitelisted job where a few select (depending on their backstory/RP/character development through storylines - and they do not have to be gang related) people would be able to acquire drugs and they would have the opportunity to RP developing their empire and making the connections. Of course it's much more complicated than that and there would have to be a couple of new rules put in place but before we decide on anything we want to hear your input and ideas on all of the things mentioned here, just keep in mind the script limitations when it comes to suggesting ideas and that coding is not that easy, which is mainly the reason we want to keep it between processing spots that we know can work right now or Kingpins or a mix of both. Let us hear your thoughts, opinions and questions, we don't want to decide on something without knowing how the majority of the community feels about it or how we can improve it in general for the sake of RP and economy in general, which can be a very fragile thing to work on.
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    Personally I enjoyed the idea of gang controlled drugs - over kingpin. I think people finding out the spots could of been fixed somwhat by what was going on with Meth and the MC having a locked door. I feel like the spots should of just been moved and given out to the gang leaders once everyone found out the spots. I prefer that method personally because the drugs give the gangs an added identify - a reason to be sought out, rp purpose aside from I want to group up with these people and spend all my time driving around select streets. I think the kingpin system makes drugs less meaningful, next to impossible to get enough to mean something, and then just puts more priority on banks and jewelry. I hate comparing things to No Pixel but their scare dealing with drugs, has everyone on that server camping jewelry store and other stuff - to the point I want streamers just drive there to see if its available and hurry up and rush their group there if it is. I dunno personally, I think simply re-locating and only have the gang leaders know the locations essentially making them the "kingpin" would be better than a whitelisted random having control of drugs and then the gangs aren't as important or viable. /shrug
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    Guns are already under the kingpin system, experimenting the limited supply with them as well. (They get a certain amount of guns every 1-2 weeks and they have to push it out) But drugs can be more complicated than that.
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    I agree, I don't see any way that a "Kingpin" will not get harassed by ooc friends for the drugs 24/7 in and out of game, or be accuse of favoritism from those that don't get the drugs. I think Gangs or Groups, That have proven their commitment to creating RP, should be given a secret WL'ed location for the manufacturing, If the location gets out, Cops should raid the place and shut it down for 7-15 IRL day's till devs can move it. No punishment or risk = no reward. Random players should not be able to interact, locked doors. There should also be a limit on how much can be produced in a 24 hr period. With a cool down for supplies. Transferring large amounts of drugs should take time, While transferring drugs from one vehicle/player to another there should be a chance that Cops get alerted (very low chance) Street dealers - Moving areas frequently should lower the value of the drugs to almost null while you build up reputation with clients (locals)..... Drug dealers should hold down turf or a corner, If they run on the 1st rejection they should get penalized on setting up at a new location. (Add a delay of 5+ min after getting off a bike before you can even attempt to sell) Rules - Gangs should not be selling to OOC friends only, They must make efforts to interact with other players, and recruit foot soldiers or street level dealers to sell on the streets. (monitored by logs with admins)
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