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    Now that Weazel News is really picking up and we're getting into Filmed News Reports as well, I'd like to suggest adding a Weazel News helicopter to the server. It would be really beneficial to helping us compile our stories as well as cover cop/criminal chases more in-depth from the sky. I think it fits in with the realism we strive for as a server as well, since news helicopter aren't uncommon at all. If allowed I would of course have, Charlie, and/or anyone else interested working for the News take flight lessons from those in-game who are qualified to fly. I also found a mod that adds News skins to helicopters, if that helps at all. ( https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/news-chopper-skins-lore-friendly-glennoconnell#comments_tab ) Thanks for your time, Dad. =]
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    Standby for 48-72hours, sometimes the items return. If not I ll contact you for reimbursing.
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    Disregard. Someone helped me fix it.
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    To add some background info onto this suggestion Weazel News does have an employee on staff who can pilot a helicopter and has for several months now. Our staff photographer Wade disclosed the experience in his background and on his resume when hired. For realism the news helicopter would only mobilize with a minimum of 2 news crew. 1 must be the trained pilot. The other must be a reporter or camera man. You can't fly and juggle a camera and film your self or a scene safely. This would be non negotiable. We would use it sparingly and only during situations which would realistically warrant a news helicopter in real life or to take aerial footage for stories. It would mobilize for a scene and then land and put away after it was finished. Any dangerous or criminal activity involving the news chopper would be dealt with by police following SOP and criminal charges handed out. Any employees found involved will face consequences for their job including but not limited to demotion, loss of privileges and access to even riding in copter, suspension without pay or even termination based on involvement based on the situation and criminal charges. Covering any active crime scenes would have to be done maintained at safe distance and outside police perimeter. Also this may need to be post poned for 3.0 due to the complications of white-listing logistics (to prevent abuse ) and the current heli rulings.
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    In order to use it, you need to have scripthook enabled, which i do not allow on the server. It will not work.
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