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  1. Please use the following template or your request might get denied. STEAM NAME/ID: IN GAME CHARACTER NAME: List of Items Missing: Any proof of items before/after the issue (Pics/Videos): Time & Date the items disappeared: How did the items get lost/disappear: Any additional information that might help:
  2. Bug Name: Description of bug: Add any pictures or links to videos or proof:
  3. After we switched servers we have a little backlog, we are going threw applications asap. You will be notified if you are denied or approved.
  4. Ed Hassan is a troubled individual. From birth he caused nothing but issues with his family. He was always caught stealing/fighting/doing whatever he wanted until at 15 he was transferred into custody of children services and sentenced to Juvi until he was 18 years old. When he was released at 18, he didn't know how to get used to society and started boosting cars until he was caught again at the age of 23. He was released from prison at 25 and now looking to get back into a "normal" life while still doing side jobs for quick money on the side. He is psycho and doesn't care about jail so be careful. *
  5. Just wanted to give you a warm welcome to Blue Blood Role Play and hope you enjoy your time on the server. If you have any issues please use the respectable areas on the forums for help.
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