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  1. Unfortunately for now the only way around this, dev-wise, is to remove dirt mechanic completely from the car I believe. I ll forward it to Rio and see what we can do about it.
  2. ^ 100% agree with this. As for public access to lower lvl drugs, I like the idea and as of right now this is how we made weed work. It can be homegrown and accessible to anyone to make their own business or sell it but I feel the higher-end drugs should be harder to obtain to make it more realistic. Regardless of what kind of criminal you are, you wouldn't have access to a lab and ingredients irl that easily as it is right now in-game as Remy very well stated and personally, I honestly see too many people that have no relation in their backstory to be involved with drugs but it's their daily thing to do, which is fine I get it when there's "limited" things a crim can do to earn money. A solution to this would be to try and find/add more petty crime in general but that's a discussion/suggestion for another day. In my opinion we should give a try to the kingpin system and the RP around it, just until 4.0 update on the server and see how it works and how you guys feel about it.
  3. Guns are already under the kingpin system, experimenting the limited supply with them as well. (They get a certain amount of guns every 1-2 weeks and they have to push it out) But drugs can be more complicated than that.
  4. As most of you who attended the community meeting last Sunday you already know we want to work to make the drugs work in a better way than what they are right now. Reason being is that as of right now the drug spots have been easily given out/shared between people with 0 RP sense or trust between individual characters. The current system we have in place is 'gang-controlled' drugs. The way this system was supposed to work is that processing laboratories for each drug would be in a gang-controlled territory and said gangs would have to defend their territory in order to keep their labs safe, while they also make sure to keep the drug business running and making it available to other parties by selling it to them and establishing connections. For a lot of reasons and downsides that this system has we've decided to suggest the 'Kingpins' system idea. Best way to explain this at the moment I guess would be to think of it as a whitelisted job where a few select (depending on their backstory/RP/character development through storylines - and they do not have to be gang related) people would be able to acquire drugs and they would have the opportunity to RP developing their empire and making the connections. Of course it's much more complicated than that and there would have to be a couple of new rules put in place but before we decide on anything we want to hear your input and ideas on all of the things mentioned here, just keep in mind the script limitations when it comes to suggesting ideas and that coding is not that easy, which is mainly the reason we want to keep it between processing spots that we know can work right now or Kingpins or a mix of both. Let us hear your thoughts, opinions and questions, we don't want to decide on something without knowing how the majority of the community feels about it or how we can improve it in general for the sake of RP and economy in general, which can be a very fragile thing to work on.
  5. Eddy Hames is 34 year old tow truck driver who was born and raised on a faraway island. He was married at the young age of 22 and lived a peaceful, law-abiding life for the next 7 years in a blissful marriage. One day his wife fell suddenly ill, he was struggling to pay the never-ending hospital bills and just when he was at rock bottom, he was introduced to a lucrative but very indecent lifestyle. He was in no way proud of this new lifestyle, selling weed to any dope fiend that he came across, carjacking and jumping from loan shark to loan shark. The money was good and he was helping his beloved so it was a bitter he could swallow down, despite all the treatment though, his wife passed away and he found himself between a rock and a hard place. He had various loan sharks, constantly threatening to hurt or kill him. After a particular run in with a loan sharks' goon named Tommy, he had a busted rib and a black eye and he decided enough was enough. He packed up and moved in the dead of night, a buddy of his had told him of a place called Los Santos where starting over was easy, he could have his normal life back and he thought that anywhere was better than where he was, so why the hell not? However a city like Los Santos is a really tough place for a foreigner to get by in. He found himself right back in the belly of the beast that he thought he'd left behind but this time the crimes are bigger and the money is better. He's doing things now that keep him awake at night but he plans to build up a good savings and finally, hopefully, retire from this life of crime once and for all.
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