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  1. This happens sometimes if you take too long to load into the server, it can be because of your internet connection or your computer hardware sometimes. Have you managed to connect successfully in other instances or does the problem still persist?
  2. We're checking it up, will dm you on discord possibly later today if it's resolved!
  3. Eddy Hames is 34 year old tow truck driver who was born and raised on a faraway island. He was married at the young age of 22 and lived a peaceful, law-abiding life for the next 7 years in a blissful marriage. One day his wife fell suddenly ill, he was struggling to pay the never-ending hospital bills and just when he was at rock bottom, he was introduced to a lucrative but very indecent lifestyle. He was in no way proud of this new lifestyle, selling weed to any dope fiend that he came across, carjacking and jumping from loan shark to loan shark. The money was good and he was helping his beloved so it was a bitter he could swallow down, despite all the treatment though, his wife passed away and he found himself between a rock and a hard place. He had various loan sharks, constantly threatening to hurt or kill him. After a particular run in with a loan sharks' goon named Tommy, he had a busted rib and a black eye and he decided enough was enough. He packed up and moved in the dead of night, a buddy of his had told him of a place called Los Santos where starting over was easy, he could have his normal life back and he thought that anywhere was better than where he was, so why the hell not? However a city like Los Santos is a really tough place for a foreigner to get by in. He found himself right back in the belly of the beast that he thought he'd left behind but this time the crimes are bigger and the money is better. He's doing things now that keep him awake at night but he plans to build up a good savings and finally, hopefully, retire from this life of crime once and for all.
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