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  1. Know bug, you need to relog or if another played is near you ask them to move you near a trunk, entering a trunk or another player's inventory by robbing them gets you unstuck. It should be going away on 3.0
  2. A local was in your vehicle when you pulled it out of the garage? LMAO this is a first 😂 As per procedure give it 48-72hours, sometimes the items return. If not, I ll contact you for reimbursement.
  3. Standby for 48-72hours, sometimes the items return. If not I ll contact you for reimbursing.
  4. https://bbrp.ga/index.php?/application/form/3-whitelist-application/ https://discord.gg/PFAx8yv Let me know if these links work for you.
  5. That would require quite a bit of coding afaik and atm Andrew can't spend time on both coding for 2.0 and 3.0 at the same time, if we want to see 3.0 sometime soon it's better if he focuses on it in my opinion, other than that it's a cool idea got nothing against it.
  6. I don't understand this argument. If you're a law abiding citizen irl you don't make an insane amount of money, you can't afford super nice cars unless you save up for a long time or have a nice job. And even then you still won't make as much as a drug dealer makes. What you're basically asking is for everyone regardless if they're lawful citizens, criminals or public servants to make the same money? how does that make sense?
  7. Ok but other than that there is no other issue with it, correct?
  8. Dexter retired from the police force because he's a silly c word :'D It's true server can be a bit tough for EU players but I think it will be much better once 3.0 rolls out with all the cool shit Andrew is adding. On topic: About the bounty hunters - It's a great idea, it has been suggested before but I think with the new scripts that Andrew set for 3.0 it becomes unnecessary since fines are instantly withdrawn from your balance. As for crims finding a gun without a license... you don't even need resources of any kind, literally everyone and their mother has a carbine rifle for sale and pretty much anybody will sell you a pistol for 5k tops. Has anyone honestly had troubles getting armed? Just trying to see the reason behind the complains for the gun licenses other than EU players having trouble when not many people are around, is it just that or am I missing something?
  9. I think the current prison times and fines are ok. If people think they're too high they need to realize that there was to be a risk to whatever crime they're trying to pull off and put some plan into it, instead of casually doing it on a whim. (i.e. kidnapping/robbing/shooting at cop irl is a big deal and it happens extremely casually here.) I don't disagree with the gun license penalty being too much for 2 weeks, I think if it was reduced to 10 it'd be fine otherwise you lose the impact of having committed a felony. At the same time is it really necessary to reduce it? If you're a criminal who commits felonies who won't stay idle for 2 weeks just to get your license back, you will find other ways to get guns and keep being a criminal.
  10. A command similar to /dice but instead it's /coin and has 50%-50% chance for heads or tails. Not important or necessary just a cool little thing to have if it's easy to code.
  11. Eddy Hames is 34 year old tow truck driver who was born and raised on a faraway island. He was married at the young age of 22 and lived a peaceful, law-abiding life for the next 7 years in a blissful marriage. One day his wife fell suddenly ill, he was struggling to pay the never-ending hospital bills and just when he was at rock bottom, he was introduced to a lucrative but very indecent lifestyle. He was in no way proud of this new lifestyle, selling weed to any dope fiend that he came across, carjacking and jumping from loan shark to loan shark. The money was good and he was helping his beloved so it was a bitter he could swallow down, despite all the treatment though, his wife passed away and he found himself between a rock and a hard place. He had various loan sharks, constantly threatening to hurt or kill him. After a particular run in with a loan sharks' goon named Tommy, he had a busted rib and a black eye and he decided enough was enough. He packed up and moved in the dead of night, a buddy of his had told him of a place called Los Santos where starting over was easy, he could have his normal life back and he thought that anywhere was better than where he was, so why the hell not? However a city like Los Santos is a really tough place for a foreigner to get by in. He found himself right back in the belly of the beast that he thought he'd left behind but this time the crimes are bigger and the money is better. He's doing things now that keep him awake at night but he plans to build up a good savings and finally, hopefully, retire from this life of crime once and for all.
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