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  1. The topic of drugs is tricky for both staff in the community because of the many checks and balances and pros and cons to each and every system. Right now in my PERSONAL opinion I believe the kingpin system can be the most reliable system with the least development necessary to keep Drugs regulated and still create RP opportunities and Northside slowburn RP that everyone wishes to be a part of. I have stated this before and will state it again. I personally love the difference of both north and southside RP because of the "economical" difference and overall connection difference. My proposed system for kingpin is that "preferably" the staff team will take the initial control of the drug and the characters that are kingpins owning it. These characters must be neutral parties that are not gang affiliated or criminals (Even though in my opinion as long as you dont get into gang drama and just do jobs and everything you do is against the police or for money making purposes its okay.) These kingpins do NOT have to be main characters and can be side characters that are simply there to create the intense RP scene of a real drug deal (The tension,the guns, the quiet) which in my opinion can be easily done by the Staff team and if need be the staff can ask any member they feel like in the community to pitch in for their character. Favoritism should not be a thing for staff team but we will obviously prefer members that are WILLING to listen to orders to help out the scene. These kingpins would be preferably 2 of them and 1 would control meth and the other Cocaine. These 2 characters would obviously have to be pretty fledged out characters and found out by preferably northside crews like The Family,808, or TheLostMC (Just to state the only ones I know of) And then these northside crews would then sell to random people they trust or to southside crews like GSF or the Vagos. This system creates a chain reaction and quite the distinction between money difference and power of the crews. Weed would be fought over by anyone in the southside while the northside must play it smart and diplomatically find a way to find the kingpin which leads to many different RP scenarios. The staff team would then regulate the market through spectating or community feedback on how much cocainemeth should be pushed and keeping an eye on the people who are selling it. This would require both alot of IC and OOC work to create scenes for other people to open RP scenarios for them which most staff are willing to take a support role for. This is my overall opinion for how drugs should be handled for now and the way that weed is in the southside is perfect as weed is more abundant than coke or meth like IRL.
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