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  1. It is late on night and you are using your computer. You are scrolling through your usual feed on Lifeinvader. All of a sudden you see this article written in 2009 by Clark Tent for his column "Who Is Who?" which occurred weekly: You remember the newspaper cover from when you were at the gas station. You pause for a moment as you let paranoia sink in and wonder what level of surveillance Lifeinvader has to know that you saw that newspaper cover or if it was just maybe some strange random coincidence. Maybe some rogue Lifeinvader content generating algorithm decided to randomly promote this old article. You shrug it off as a coincidence as your cognitive dissonance shuts off the other possibilities.
  2. You approach the gas station counter and await for the person in front of you to be done. You look to the side of the register and see a magazine rack. You squint at one of the magazine covers:   ((Stay tuned.)) ÂÂ
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