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  1. Personally I enjoyed the idea of gang controlled drugs - over kingpin. I think people finding out the spots could of been fixed somwhat by what was going on with Meth and the MC having a locked door. I feel like the spots should of just been moved and given out to the gang leaders once everyone found out the spots. I prefer that method personally because the drugs give the gangs an added identify - a reason to be sought out, rp purpose aside from I want to group up with these people and spend all my time driving around select streets. I think the kingpin system makes drugs less meaningful, next to impossible to get enough to mean something, and then just puts more priority on banks and jewelry. I hate comparing things to No Pixel but their scare dealing with drugs, has everyone on that server camping jewelry store and other stuff - to the point I want streamers just drive there to see if its available and hurry up and rush their group there if it is. I dunno personally, I think simply re-locating and only have the gang leaders know the locations essentially making them the "kingpin" would be better than a whitelisted random having control of drugs and then the gangs aren't as important or viable. /shrug
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