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  1. I think down the road towing should be added. I applied Towing as a business and it got denied because they think it's to much like a mechanic. It shouldn't be that way at all. Way it works now a mechanic drives to you and fixes your totaled car for you on the side of the road. Blown tires, busted body, engine not running. Yeah it's convenient but come in it's far from realistic. Towing should be there so the totaled car can be towed to a mechanic to be fixed. It one might give people more incentive to drive like normal RP servers and not like GTA 5 online rooms (as we see here daily) it will also add more RP and realism. Down the road hopefully will have car payments which should theoretically bring ability for repos, again adds more RP.
  2. Thanks Eddy, i appreciate it! Id be happy if the dirt was removed from car lol. Everyone complains about this cars dirt. Should be shinny 24/7 anyway haha
  3. Is it possible to slow the dirt down so cars dont get dirty a block from car wash? I bought the camaro for 550K and i cant go a block from car wash and its dirty again, kinda sucks owning a beautiful car but cant keep it clean.
  4. Is it possible to make it so controller muscles dont conflict with other stuff. IE driving while talking (N) and using my trigger for gas it shuts my car off. Maybe make it so controller only works for gas breaks and ebrake?
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