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    Rules are subject to change at any given time. It is your responsibility to stay up to date with the current rules. Feel Free to ask questions in the Support channel in our Discord!

    RULE 1 | Player & Staff Respect
    • Neither the forums nor the servers are a place for religious, political, or otherwise sensitive off-topic discussions. Remember that we are a community of all races, religion, nationalities, etc.
    • If a member asks you to stop, you must stop. This includes anything from OOC to roleplaying in a manner that makes other users feel uncomfortable.
    • Any roleplay that is deemed "extreme" is not allowed, this includes (but is not limited to) Rape, Slave, Terrorist, Homophobic and Racist roleplay. ANY sexual harrassment will result in an IMMEDIATE permaban. No Questions asked.
    • ERP (Erotic RP) is allowed but do it privately! Stop if someone asks you.
    • Do not argue with any staff member regarding their judgment in-game or Out Of Game. If you have a complaint, you must seek and ensure this information is provided in an informative and tactful manner.
    • Do not Spam in-game chat, spam the forums or spam the discord, this also includes malicious, hurtful, pornographic, or otherwise inappropriate web links, images, or videos.
    • Disrespect of any staff level will be treated the same.
    RULE 2 | Account Responsibility & Player Names
    • The owner of the account is responsible for the actions of others who have access to your account.
    • Any access to your account is deemed accountable to you and will be dealt with as such.

    Do Not:

    • Usage of racist or offensive names
    • Advertise anything (including streaming accounts) in your name
    • No Chinese, Russian, special, or otherwise foreign characters in the name.

    Access to an account without consent is a different matter entirely if you can provide proof that your account has been compromised and used in an abusive manner, the staff team will endeavor to support you in a manner that is deemed fit.

    RULE 3 | Random Deathmatch & Vehicle Deathmatch
    • It is forbidden for other players to kill each other with little to no roleplay. This includes the use of vehicles.
    • Before a player can kill another player, all players must be engaged in roleplay.

    Do Not:

    • Immediately punching, shooting, maiming, killing, or otherwise injuring another player/police/EMS without in-character interaction.
    • Running over, clipping, or slamming your vehicle into a player(s) without any justification or in-character interaction. Ramming of other vehicles, within roleplay, is allowed.
    RULE 4 | Realistic Behavior

    All players shall conduct themselves in a realistic manner. Despite game mechanics, it is the player's responsibility to act "realistic." If struck by a moving vehicle at a high rate of speed, you are not, in real life, going to get up and run around.


    Do Not:

    • Continue driving after your vehicle has collided with a light pole, building, or other hard structure/item after going approx. 40 MPH and up.
    • Immediately jump up and start shooting or fighting when EMS revives your player.
    • While handcuffed, jump into the driver seat of a vehicle and drive away. Other players may assist with breaking you out of police custody and you may even run while handcuffed but you cannot jump fences, walls, punch, or pull out firearms.
    • If tazed more than two times while running from an officer, you must stop running.
    RULE 5 | Meta-Gaming

    Players, including officers & EMS, are not allowed to use a player's ID number to find another player behind buildings, inside vehicles with tinted windows, "recognize" or otherwise notice an individual.


    Do Not:

    • Abuse a player’s stream to gain an advantage or otherwise track a player down.
    • Use a player's name/player ID # when reporting them to police during in-game interactions UNLESS your character is aware of the individual's name.
    • Use of real-life knowledge against another player that your in-game player does not know.
    • Refer to players by their player ID #
    • Using ANY out of game communication software unless otherwise authorized/Use of Government Discord for EMS & POLICE.
    RULE 6 | Powergaming

    Our definition of power-gaming is the abuse of in-game mechanics to give you an unrealistic advantage that benefits the player(s).


    Do Not:

    • Constantly spam the bank in order to gain a monetary advantage. (see bank rule)
    • Dragging people while they are downed for Hostage Situations
    • Pull a long gun (rifle/shotgun) from your clothing if wearing "regular" (shirt & jeans) clothes or no clothes at all. Players may exit a vehicle and scroll to their long gun. If on foot or nowhere near a vehicle, this is not allowed.
    • Use small arms (pistols) to take down larger vehicles such as the helicopters and armored SWAT vehicles.
    • Taze a player through any rolled up window/windshield/back window of a vehicle or through windows of a building.
    • Impersonate Police or EMS officials including stealing government vehicles (inc. Helicopters).
    • Sharing cash between your characters.
    • Abusing any form of game mechanic.
    • Red Dot Sites of ANY kind. (This Offense will be issued a warning, then after any instances it will be a Perma with an appeal needed)
    RULE 7 | Cop-baiting

    It is forbidden for players to bait officers. If an officer is busy with a crime scene such as a bank robbery or a murder or they are engaged in role play, be sure to let them finish.


    Do Not:

    • Rubberneck and stop in the middle of the road just to do burnouts, honk your horn, or do other things that would be considered annoying while an officer is on a traffic stop or speaking with another player.
    • Intentionally interfere with normal role play to cause trouble for the police. This would include officers dealing with a bank robbery, pursuit, or other incidents and players continue to get in the way or cause issues just so that they can get attention from the police.
    • Intentionally hit, ram, shoot, or otherwise act inappropriately toward police personnel without engaging in proper role play.

    The crowding at the scene of a bank robbery will be considered cop-baiting and players who turn up to a Bank after a robbery is in progress and cause problems for officers will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

    RULE 8 | FailRP

    Do Not:

    • Punch, shoot, taze, use emotes or steal a car while handcuffed.
    • Call for police or request cover as an officer if your phone/radio has been taken.
    • Take the Flight of Life when being treated by an EMS or LEO
    • Pull out a gun after someone has said or used a /me command to "take away" your weapons.
    • Go to locations that you would otherwise have a difficult time entering.(such as the Military Bases, Aircraft carriers, etc.)
    • Stealing Military equipment and vehicles.
    • Partaking in illogical or otherwise unrealistic activities, such as storming the Sheriff’s Office and holding Officer’s at gunpoint demanding that an individual is released.
    • Drive in a continually unsafe/unrealistic manner/like "GTA Online"
    • Go into the Radio Channel to request a revive.
    • Ask server admins for a revive
    • Call for police or request backup as a LEO if your phone/radio has been taken.
    • Use vehicles that are weaponized and/or flyable cars. This is NOT realistic.
    RULE 9 | Bank Rules

    The bank vault is only open if there are Four or more officers online. If players plan on doing a heist, which includes 2 or more robbers, then there must be Four or more officers online.

    RULE 10 | Combat Logging

    Combat logging is forbidden. Do not do it under any circumstance.
    First Offense will be a Warning
    Second Offense will be a Kick from the server
    Third Offense will be a 24hr Ban
    Any more, You will be Perma Banned and have to appeal on the website.


    Do Not:

    • Log off when killed
    • Log off when being put into prison
    • Log off to avoid being killed or to avoid prison
    • Log off during a firefight or other life or death fight
    • Log off while fleeing from the police
    • Log off when you are about to be punished by a staff member
    RULE 11 | New Life Rule & DOA

    If a player be able to receive medical help and be revived then the player shall live from the encounter and remember everything about the encounter. Do NOT immediately go from the Hospital and track down the person who stabbed/shot/injured you. Take 10 - 15 min Recovery time before initiating with the person who injured you. IF there are No EMS on, You HAVE TO RESPAWN.

    If a player choose to respawn, then they shall not remember the event that leads to them respawning.

    Example: So player A shoots player B. Player B respawns and comes back and shoots player A with no RP, Player B gets a temp ban(24hr min) for RDM. Player A shoots Player B. Player B is helped by an EMS and sent to the Hospital for x amount of time. Player B runs back and shoots Player A. Player B is warned for FailRP.

    No player shall decide if another is dead. You cannot *KILL*(DOA) someone else's character without the players consent. If a player decide that they are dead, then they shall be sent to the morgue and they are to DELETE THE CHARACTER.

    Suicide is the ULTIMATE DEATH and will be treated as such, There is NO COMING BACK from a Suicide. Suicide RP is allowed IF Your character has a backstory/Reasoning behind it.

    Every encounter must still have adequate Role Play and not break any of the other server rules.

    RULE 12 | Gangs & Organized Crime

    You are welcome to create a gang, it must be registered as an official gang and approved before operating as a gang, you may begin recruiting before the gang is approved, but you cannot commit crimes as a “gang” until it has been approved.

    All guidance that needs to be followed can be found under the Organizations & Clubs section on the website..

    Property that a gang wishes to purchase will have to be done as per the property policy (the amount a gang can hold can be increased at the property managers discretion).

    Should two or more gang’s become involved in a gang war then numbers of attacking members must not exceed a 2:1 ratio of online gang members. Should you wish to plan anything bigger please seek staff approval.

    Should you be injured and sent to the hospital due to injuries then you are not permitted to be involved in any gang crime or wars for the next 60 minutes from your discharge.

    It is a breach of the rules to be committing crimes with more than 5 people at a single crime scene. If you wish to plan a bigger crime please contact a staff member as appropriate, to ensure it can be planned and completed in a safe and fair manner. If you require clarification from a staff member, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Generally you should not have more than 2 robberies going on at the same time.
    RULE 13 | Body Cams

    The usage of recordings/"body cam" footage and streams IN GAME will be considered breaking character, Due to the fact it breaks the following rules: Rule 4, 5, 6, and 8.

    This includes “body cam” footage from BCSO, LSFD, and LSPD

    This includes: audio recordings, video recordings, description of audio/visual content and the usage of footage via a live stream.

    Please note that recordings are still accepted for OUT OF CHARACTER usage only, this includes player reports, highlight clips, proof of bugs, and proof for government refunds. You are also encouraged to live-stream and post highlights to YouTube and the #clips channel.

    RULE 14 | Discord Communication

    Inciting drama or otherwise acting angry, agitated or upset-be it in game or in the community discord/website, is a breach of the rules, you are expected to handle your emotions and opinions in a suitable manner and you will be treated equally regardless of rank, role or standing within the community.

    It is important to note that this ruling is not meant to encroach on your ability to have an opinion, it is however important that you voice your opinions in an appropriate manner via the appropriate channels, voicing opinions without context or information and doing so in the wrong channels will be considered as drama inciting and will be acted on as such.

    This ruling does not include in character drama. PLEASE keep character drama in game.

    RULE 15 | Green Zones

    Green Zones are classified as areas where PVP (attacking other players) is NOT allowed. Fighting/killing/gang activity in these areas will result in consequences.

    [Minimum of a 24hr ban.]

    These locations include Inside Police Stations, Inside Hospitals, Inside the Prison, and Special Event locations(unless otherwise explicitly stated).

    You may NOT enter into hostile RP at these locations.

    You MAY NOT break out players whom are cuffed IN THE HOSPITAL.

    It is against the Server Rules to Shoot, Kidnap, and/or Maim any EMS on Duty. EMS are only around to help, they are not officers and they do not carry lethal weapons. It is an unfair advantage to Shoot/Maim/Kidnap unarmed EMS personnel.
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