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James McDougall

New police customization options

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As of now the police uniforms are a pre picked set of clothing. If you want to add variations if your clothing, you have to run to the clothing store, and not always will everything fit onto the uniform, or look good in that fact. With this addon, it gives officers the ability to save multiple outfits, customize outfits in PD, have different variations for each dept. Such as a winter, rain, bike patrol and other options. This addon would be a great addition to the police force and would more rich roleplay, where you are able to express your uniform and shape your officer.



**in the addon there is also a small list of required addons for it to work**


*disclaimer. Im pretty sure this is for  server side, i could be wrong. If not i have no clue because im not too tech savy when it comes to server addons and five m

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Hi @James McDougallFew things here. Yes, the PD does only have preset outfits for reasons. I believe this was talked about on Discord somewhere and I forget what was said about it but something for cops to change clothing differently will probably not happen. You could try to get more outfits added if you have enough people wanting it.

As for what you are wanting added is something only for LSPDFR and will not work on FiveM. What the server has currently is EUP and Element Club is being paid for and active on the server.

For future reference for everyone is if it's a script on LSPDFR then it probably will not work on the FiveM server.

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